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Devil's Lake

Železná Ruda (754 m n. m)

Železná Ruda /754 m above sea/ The original settlement originated in the first of the 16th century. The church of Mary the Virgin Assisting from a Star, built in 1729 – 1732, with two typical onion shaped domes in a Baroque style is dominant. Glassworks development at the end of the 18th century brought a bloom of the town. In 1877 Bavaria and Bohemia were connected with the railway and a tunnel. The railway tunnel under Špičák is still the longest one in the Czech Republic. The shared railway station, divided by the state border on its Czech and Bavarian parts, was built in 1878. The Železná Ruda surroundings are naturally very precious and are part of the National park and the Preserved Landscape Region of Šumava, with a near – by preserved Bavarian Forest they form the area of 2,000 km2. In 1990 the UNESCO declared Šumava a status of a biosphere reservation where a precious fauna and flora, can be found, marshes and five unique lakes of a glacier origin, the only ones all over the Czech Republic, rank among its natural jewels.



Skiing and snowboarding

For skiing and snowboarding fans there are 25 km of slopes of various difficulty levels and 29 ski lifts with capacity 15,000 people per hour in the whole area of Železná Ruda. Most ski areas are covered with technical snow, the snow usually lies here from December to March, sometimes you can go skiing and snowboarding from mid-November to mid-April. There is the ski area Belvedér situated right next to the autocamp, which is connected with the ski area Nad Nádražím. Hard to please skiers can enjoy the greatest ski area Špičák. Most of the local ski areas offer snowparks, snowtubing and other activities. In nearby Germany you can also visit the ski area Grosser Arber (1,456 m above sea) Its slopes are nicely situated on the north side of the mount. For its amount and quality of snow the area is comparable with the best centres in Krkonoše.

Belvedér Ski Area

The area is located on the town periphery, straight next to the autocamp Železná Ruda. There are three skilifts, from 460 to 530 m long, whose total transport capacity is 2,400 people per hour. All the slopes are covered with technical snow and one of them provides an artificial illumination. Besides the skilifts and well maintained slopes the area provides this kinds of service: a ski school for children and adults provided by the JPK Ski School, ski and ski equipment rents, ski service, fast food, evening skiing under the artificial illumination and free parking right by the skilift. In the upper part of the area there is a 150 m long skilift for children, suitable for beginners. If you do not ski, you can try a track 300 m away or a separate snowtubing lift.Working hours for daily skiing are from 9 am to 4 pm for evening skiing starts at 6 pm and finishes at 9 pm.

Lyžařský areál Belveder

Ski Area Nad Nádražím

The Ski Area Nad Nádražím is located near the Železná Ruda railway station, on the left when coming from Špičák. The centre is connected by turnstiles with the Belvedér Ski Area. The skilifts, 622 and 150 m long, are situated on the profile of a medium easy, wide slope, which is very suitable for skiers- beginners, school ski trainings and ski schools. The connection with the Belvedér Ski Area enables quality skiing to efficient skiers.
The centre has been covered with technical snow since the winter season 2004-2005. There is a professional ski school, a ski and snowboard rent and ski and snowboard repair straight at the skilift arrival.One slope is artificially illuminated. Varied selection of time and point tickets enables skiing available for all categories of skiers. Working hours for daily skiing is from 9 am to 4 pm and evening skiing begins at 6 pm and finishes at 9 pm.

Lyžařský areál Nad Nádražím

Špičák Ski Area

The Ski Area Špičák offers the best skiing possibilities on the Czech side of Šumava. All groups of skiers, from beginners, families with children to skiers – experts find their chance to enjoy their skiing. Špičák provides five slopes and two traning meadows, their total length is 7.2 km. One four-seat cable railway with a starting rug by Doppelmayr transports skiers together with 8 skilifts with their total transport capacity 5,200 people per hour.
Beginners can use a training slope and a ski playground with two ski school skilifts and a training meadow under the Sirotek Hotel, or the blue slope number one – Touring. Intermediate skiers certainly try Slope number two – U zalomeného and number three – Slalom, the braver ones can try „parachutes“ on the second slope – U zalomeného which can be also passed. Fans of sheer slopes can look forward to trying the black slope Chances. Its first part is moderate, its middle part promises a real extreme skiing – slope ° 45. Its final part is moderate again, good for “breathing out”.
Evening skiing regularly takes place on the illuminated slope called Lubák, which is also covered with technical snow. All the slopes are daily maintained. Two slopes are entirely covered with the technical snow -Slope number two – U zalomeného, number three – Slalom and number five – Lubák , the upper and middle parts of the Touring one and the Black slope Chances. The training slope under the Sirotek Hotel is also covered with the technical snow. 70 per cent of the total area of the slopes and training slopes, i.e. 5.0 km is covered with snow.

Sportovní areál Špičák

Touring cross-country tracks and cross-country circles

There are about 100 km of cross-country circles in the Železná Ruda surroundings. They are regularly maintained by machines. The best-known Šumava cross-country circles are: Gerlova Huť, Pancíř -Můstek – Prenet, Prášily, Pláně-Srní, Modrava, Kvilda, etc.From Železná Ruda you can get on cross-country skies to nearby Germany by means of the Ferdinandsthal border control where you can easily go on the cross-country tracks Zwieselerwaldhaus.



Working hours:

Prášily (Gsenget) - Scheureck

- pedestrians, bikers
1.6. – 30.9. 6 am - 10 pm h
1.10. – 15.11. 8 am - 6 pm h

Debrník – Ferdinandstal

- pedestrians, bikers, cross country skiers
1.10. – 31.3. 8 am – 6 pm
1.4. – 30.9. 6am – 10pm

Železná Ruda – Bayerisch Eisenstein

- no limits
non-stop traffic all year round

Ostrý – Grosser Osser

- pedestrians
1.5. – 30.9. 6 am – 10 pm
1.10. – 31.10. 8 am – 6 pm

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